You are more than just a social role, a diagnosis, a breadwinner or a carer. You are more than a stigma, a disability, a behaviour or what people think about you based on your outward appearance. And you are more than your struggles, your feelings of sadness and anger, or the utter despair you might be experiencing. You are not alone and things can be different - take the leap. Because you matter.

My Services

Hi, I am Kim. I offer short-term or long-term counselling, face to face or online, to clients with a variety of current difficulties and/or life stressors. I follow an integrative counselling approach, which means that I do not believe that a single therapeutic approach can benefit all individuals I am working with. Rather, I try to tailor therapy to my client's needs in a person-centred way. I am a registered member with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical framework. I practice online via the platform Zoom as well as face to face using several different premises based in Newark, Nottingham, and Lincoln. 

My Mission

"Never have I dealt with something more difficult than my own soul." 

And that is true for all of us. I am fascinated by people and filled with warmth and admiration about how they tackle each day with such courage and strength, which is especially true for those of us who currently find themselves in a dark place and nonetheless are still here. I want to listen, understand and support those who are in despair, have lost their path or simply are wondering if there is more to life than just functioning every day. And I want to hold the light of hope for people as long as needed, until they can take over again. I want to help people understand themselves better in order to not just see the complexity of their soul, but also what comes with it, its uniqueness and stunning beauty.

What do you want to do with your one wild and precious life? 

My Values

The way I aim to relate to people is underpinned by deep empathy, unconditional acceptance, warmth, reliability and consistency as well as the idea of freedom and courage waiting inside all of us to be found and explored. 
I believe that the above creates the foundation for change to happen, facilitated by a trusting connection between my client and me. 

Furthermore, I am curious and love to learn, thus I continuously grow and develop with each and every single client I had the pleasure to have met. I actively encourage regular feedback and aim to implement derived suggestions to the best of my ability. Adjusting counselling to my client rather than trying to make my client fit to the way I think is "right" is one of my greatest objectives.

Due to my academic background my work is also informed by current research and scientific developments regarding psychology and psychotherapy, adapted to suit each client's individual needs and preferences.